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Valdis Brože. EXTRA

December 11, 2008 - December 18, 2008

From December 11 until December 18, 2008
at Art gallery PUTTI

Solo exhibition EXTRA

by Latvian jewellery artist Valdis Brože

Gallery visitors have been following the development of Brože’s style for the past eight years.  His work has evolved through making jewellery, as well as through his education in the Metal Department at the Applied Art High School, and in the Visual Communication Department at the Art Academy of Latvia.

Brože’s designs are already well known, but his technique is always improving. His strengths include working with enamel and casting silver and gold in innovative configurations that are also comfortable to wear.

Brože’ early work was influenced by surrealism in both form and in his brave color combinations. As his technique evolved he demonstrated a great  sense of feeling for his materials by working with clasical forms and pure lines, features that are particularly evident in his works in gold.

After looking at pictures of his earliest works, Brože decided to return to his earlier style influenced by surrealism.  He defines his new collection „Extra” as laconic. Brože continues to work with pieces of jewellery as if they were small-form sculptures. The extra value in jewellery is not only in the expierence of the artist, but also in his effective use of kinetic details. Brože sees other possibilities for gold  as well as more filigree engravings in mammoth bone. These twists and turns endow Valdis Brože’s jewellery with special extravagance, and make them more extroverted and extraordinary.


December 11, 2008
December 18, 2008