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Maira Karstā. 82CM

May 3, 2001 - May 30, 2001

May 3 – May 30, 2001,
at Art gallery PUTTI,
Grecinieku iela 22/24, Old Riga

Solo exhibition by Latvian ceramic artist Maira Karstā
82 cm

Ceramic images for the room and garden.

For the artist, the solo exhibition is an opportunity to say something new and, for artist Maira Karstā, it is a form in ceramics. At the core of the exhibition are four large heads – garden ceramic objects, as four are symbols of static wholeness – four seasons, four prevailing winds, four sides of the sky, four evangelists, etc.

“The idea for the exhibition came first from coming to the Art Gallery Putti and seeing a beautiful collection of jewellery. Involuntarily was born the idea of jewellery chests and other secret storage. And so did these images – stylized women’s heads who hold secrets in unshakable peace, much like the Egyptian sphinxes, a symbol of female secrecy and guarding power, ”says ceramist Maira Karstā.



Exhibition opening:


May 3, 2001
May 30, 2001