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PUTTI jewellery, KatyKatya Shehurina boutique in London

May 10, 2011

From May 10, 2011

Fashion brand KatyKatya Shehurina

Art gallery PUTTI jewellery

boutique in London

Katya Shehurina, one of the most recognized contemporary Latvian fashion designers, has just launched her first boutique in London. Opened in cooperation with the PUTTI art gallery in Riga, the tiny shop resembles a true oasis of femininity. While the designer exudes an aura of lightness, her garments tell the story of her dreams, her foibles, her real and imagined journeys. Jewellery and accessories by Latvian artists from the PUTTI gallery are exhibited in two glass showcases, including original works by Valdis Brože, Mara Šustiņš and Janis Vilks.

The shop is located in the very centre of London, on the 3rd floor of the Kingly Court shopping complex, near Carnaby Street.


May 10, 2011