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January 21, 2015

January 21st, 2015
at Art gallery PUTTI

Jewellery exhibition made by Ērika Skrina


There will be different jewellery pieces made of pearl beads – bracelets, earrings, jewellery sets, necklaces – all made by 15 year old Ērika Skrina. The brightness of pearls, their diversity and texture is a creative inspiration source for Ērika, because the girl is living her life coping with restrictions that are put on her by a serious genetic disease which takes away more and more of her movement ability.
This exhibition combines the most interesting works found in the collection of Ērika`s jewellery which is made in the period of last three years. The jewellery maker says that she is just doing what she loves – creates interesting jewellery from small pearl beads that brings joy not only for her, but also for others. A of of the jewellery Ērika has made has been sold, and if necessary she custom-makes the jewellery for special orders. She is very pleased that she is able to make something like this with her own hands, which brings joy to others, but also for her, as she often wears the jewellery herself within the limits of possibilities.
The young artist started pearl beading three years ago, when her teacher gifted her first pearls, threads and needles, and taught her how it is done. Her little helper in this beautiful hobby is her little brother Dainis. It is often that Ērika get the idea of how the piece should look and the order of beads to be put on the thread, and Dainis is the one who does the practical part. But sometimes even Dainis has some ideas of jewellery designs.

Regardless of the restrictions, which are put on Ērika`s life by her health conditions, the girl is a very social being, she enjoys going on different trips and waits with large excitement the next visit to rehabilitation clinics. She loves animals and that is why a part of her collection she has donated to animal house “Tails and whiskers”.
The exhibition is organized by Palliative Children’s Palliative Care Society, in cooperation with Art gallery PUTTI.
The mission of the Children’s Palliative Care Society is to ensure a support system that incorporates psychosocial, medical and spiritual help for families with children with progressive chronic conditions, or those who no longer have radical treatment options, as well as to provide support to the families after a child’s death.

For more information:
Dr. Anda Jansone,
Head of board in Children’s Palliative Care Society
phone: +371 29420410, +371 26376577

Exhibition scenography: Elita Patmalniece about exhibition “Shining pearl” (link) about exhibition “Shining pearl” (link) about exhibition “Shining pearl” (link) about exhibition “Shining pearl” (link) about exhibition “Shining pearl” (link)


January 21, 2015