February 17, 2020


“In my jewellery, I want to project my awareness in their process of execution, crystallizing the phases of transformation of matter in which they are made. I wish also to point out the phases of its becoming to discover harmony and balance present in each phase in which matter, mysteriously takes form, obeying those laws of physics that regulate its structure and the world which is in constant transformation.”
One of the keywords in Corrado De Meo’s jewellery is volume. The volumes he creates interact with the space surrounding the object and consequently define the harmony these structures create with the human body. The weightlessness of his jewellery contradicts what is seen and, as a result, creates surprise. In fact, the lightness of his works is unexpected. The materials De Meo chooses to work with are transformed in the working process. He is fascinated by the transformation and metamorphosis that materials undergo during the working process. With colour, the artist performs an initial instinctive act that is subsequently confirmed as being a conscious action that becomes
“a global perception that speaks to our entire essence”.



Jewelry from Gioiellie in Fermento – UN BEL PANORAMA, 2018, PUTTI Art Gallery

“Many years ago, when I was a little boy, my family owned a vineyard farm. The night before my first grape harvest, a bright moon shone; At that moment, my discovery was astonishing: I realized the night was in color. ”