Архив за месяц: July 2019


An exhibition by the Italian contemporary jewellery artist ANNAMARIA ZANELLA ANNAMARIA ZANELLA exhibition “TRA MATERIA E COLORE / BETWEEN MATERIAL AND COLOUR” was on display at the San Rocco Oratorio in Padua, Italy. Contemporary jewellery by the artist and 16th-century murals that depict the life of San Rocco complement each other wonderfully. The most complex aspect of setting up an exhibition based on Annamaria Zanella priceless work, has indeed been, the selection of some pieces of art and to pinpointing them to a satisfying  exhibiting criteria. Hence, i did not wanted to do a classical anthology by presenting the works in a strict, both cronological and typological order, but i , otherwise preferred to give strength to Forms, to Matters and above all, to Colours, by creating some sort of rooms, rooms filled with thoughts, in which a subtle thematic,  binds together the pieces of art , blending well either, the chromatic and the formal aspect and by the fact of communicating with one another too. Born in Padua, Italy, in 1966, Annemaria Zanella began her personal and artistic work at the Selvatico Institute of Fine Arts in Padua in 1987. The idea of ​​jewellery came as a necessity for communication with […]

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Pastaiga 08/2019

Photo: Miks Užāns @mikuzansStyle: Liene Stūraine @sturainestylelabMUAH: Eva Herbona @evaxelStylist assistant: Elizabete Džeina Rubene @ejrubeneModel: Beāte, Meraki Model Management LatvijaJewellery: Art gallery PUTTI

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