Архив за месяц: July 2015

“Ted Noten Ubiquist”

Dutch jewellery designer Ted Noten has released the second book about his works – “Ted Noten Ubiquist”.

Ted Noten is one of today’s most original, radical designers. His transparent acrylic bags – containing objects ranging from animals, jewels and cocaine to pistols – have seduced collectors, confused the establishment, inspired fellow artists and challenged students all over the world. Beauty and violence, perfection…

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It’s a quiet night

Photo:Oļegs ZernovsStyle: Olga KolotovaHair: Diana PaytonMake-up: Kristīne SavičaPhoto assistance: Olga JakovļevaStylist assistance: Jūlija VerbickaModel: Kristīne BranteJewellery: Art gallery PUTTI

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