Franceska Kirke – Black Pearl

The Latvian artist FRANCESKA KIRKE is participating in the exhibition “THE METAMORPHOSES OF PEARLS IN CONTEMPORARY AND CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” with a painting “BLACK PEARL”. FRANCESKA KIRKE is an elegant, intellectual artist who sometimes has a discussion with the viewer through old masters’ works. Each of the Franceska Kirke paintings (5 together) in the cycle named after Vermeer’s “GIRL WITH […]

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Liisa Hashimoto – Mizuhiki

  MIZUHIKI is an ancient Japanese art form that uses a special cord. The cord is created from rice paper, that is tightly wound, starched to give it stiffness, and then colored. The traditional decoration, given away at Japanese occasions, such as wedding, birth etc. The other traditional way the art is done is in […]

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