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„Raining stars” by Māris Šustiņš

From May 20 until June 16, 2016 it is possible to see „Raining stars” at Art gallery Putti. Stars of different colours and forms shine in all their brilliance – forming a contemporary jewellery exhibition, created by Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Māris Šustiņš.

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Contemporary jewellery exhibition “Castle in the air”

From October 28 until November 14, 2016 Art gallery Putti presents „Castle in the air” – a group exhibition by Estonian contemporary jewellery designers. One can gaze on castles in the air for a long time, but mainly they dissolve along with the clouds from which they formed; they have substance only for a second. Almost like a mirage, they are an illusory heavenly spectacle from a place somewhere in our stratosphere, if not in the cosmos proper. The group of jewellery designers from Estonia now have built a new castle in Art gallery Putti – a dark and poetic one, perfect in its imperfection.

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„What’s That?” by Andris Lauders

From November 26, 2016 until December 12, 2016 Art Gallery Putti presents „What`s That?” – a solo exhibition of Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Andris Lauders.

The artist looks at a square, rolls it, twists and turns it – different forms are taking shape, colours other wonders are developing, because black never is only black, just as white is not only white. Nothing is absolute – neither form, nor colour.

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