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Valdis Brože. WHITE PALE

November 6, 2015 - November 24, 2015

From November 6, 2015 until November 24, 2015
at Art Gallery PUTTI


Solo exhibition of Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Valdis Brože

This exhibition is inspired by a cartoon “It`s about time”, which was created by Valdis Brože together with the director Ivo Briedis in the beginning of 2015. “It`s about time” tells a story about time, and the fact that it cannot be stopped. The main character is a man who is made of silver and mammoth bone. Time goes by and the old man has decided to leave the room he lives in, which is full of memories about the things he experienced once. When working on this project, the artist had new ideas, he had an urge to develop them and bring in new stories, which would be told through his jewellery. Therefore there was developed a logical continuation to Valdis Brože`s previous solo exhibition “Thin, thin” (2012), in which the artist was playing with surfaces that were as thin as paper and were connected with delicate hinges resulting in kinetic vitality. Now all that has been transformed into something much more lively – more symbols, more stories. Valdis Brože talks about the exhibition: “This is the time, when I want to step back from the simple, basic form. I want to create something more symbolic, so each person who would see these works could tell their own story from them.” Valdis Brože is a graduate of the Visual Communication Department at the Art Academy of Latvia. Valdis Brože works with gold, silver, different precious and semi-precious stones. His gold castings stand out with exquisite sense of material and plastic. The artist’s power is enamel works and his masterful mixing of intense colours in amazing combinations. Brože’s design can be characterised as surrealistic. The designer tells that he has spent a lot of time studying books of anatomy in order to know better the human hand. This knowledge is needed when making two finger rings. Valdis compares jewellery art to the process of creating a sculpture. The source of inspiration he finds in himself.

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November 6, 2015
November 24, 2015
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