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September 19, 2014 - October 11, 2014

From September 19 until October 11, 2014
at Art Gallery PUTTI

Solo exhibition by the famous Dutch jewellery designer Ted Noten


Dutch jewellery designer Ted Noten started his career in the early nineties when he worked as a soloist. Since 2005 he has been going by the name of Atelier Ted Noten. His pieces vary from handmade jewellery and sculptural objects bordering on jewellery design, to installations, videos and projects for museums or public spaces.
“Jewellery holds so many opportunities to communicate. It forms a direct link to being human, to small things, to the absurd nature of fate, and the psychology behind traditions, cutting right across the times and nationalities”, according to jewellery designer Ted Noten.
In the nineteen sixties a number of jewellery designers started studying the possibilities of using other, cheaper materials as well in their designs. And they studied the question if jewellery could express ideas that reached beyond beauty. Ted Noten followed in the footsteps of this first generation of ‘conceptual designers’. But right from the start he also distinguished himself from them, for instance for his ability to reconcile widely differing worlds. Although he comments on the traditional world of jewellery, making clear statements, he celebrates it at the same time. He will never shrink from using unconventional materials, but he will just as easily work precious materials into his pieces if their story demands it. Noten enjoys nothing so much as operating on the fringes of his profession, or even going slightly over the edge. Like a relative outsider he has taken in both the conventional world of jewellery and its target group, and the conceptual avant-garde.
“I enjoy creating work that will set people on the wrong track. Your story can only get through to people if you rob them of their prejudices about jewellery. Inspiration can be found anywhere: in the street, around the corner, in an extraordinary picture, or by contrast in an unpretentious little story someone will tell me.”

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The exhibition includes and interactive and provocative installation ”Wanna Swap Your Ring” with 500 Miss Piggy rings, made of 3D-printed nylon in shocking pink, on the wall of the exhibition space, all placed within the imaginary contours of a handgun. Spectators can obtain a ring made by the master by replacing it with an old one of theirs. What counts is not the value. Noten is equally happy to receive precious rings or cheap ones. What counts is the exchange of old stories and new ones. All the stories together will gradually fill the pistol-shape, changing the symbol of aggression into a charming and multi-faceted scene.
So far the project has been created in three cities; Tokyo (Japan), Stockholm (Sweden) and Wellington (New Zealand). Other cities will follow, including London, Paris, Milan, Sydney, São Paulo, New York and Moscow. When he has been to 15 cities, Noten intends to display all the original presentations alongside each other.

The exhibition includes a documentary „Ted Noten: Gold, Sweat & Pearls”.
Jewellery designer Ted Noten (1956) is well-known for his cheeky pieces of jewellery.  Are they wearable?  Not necessarily.  Are they provocative?  Absolutely. A series of see-through purses containing a gun, a chameleon or a line of coke with a pearl necklace…
Noten: “I make jewellery that takes some time getting used to. When you wear it, you make yourself vulnerable as it makes such a striking statement. I speak out through my jewellery and objects. I comment upon jewellery as a phenomenon, upon the industry or – like any artist – upon humanity.”


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September 19, 2014
October 11, 2014
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