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Māris Šustiņš. MAYA.ILLUSION माया

May 24, 2019 - June 11, 2019

From May 24 until June 11, 2019
at Art gallery PUTTI

Solo exhibition
by Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Māris Šustiņš


Māris Šustiņš uses both sculptural and painting techniques, as well as graphic and fine constructive techniques which gives his jewellery collections countless characteristic features, stories, and personal experience. Both modern metal processing techniques such as titanium precision welding in argon environment and electrochemical processing (for obtaining colours and tones), dimensional object 3D printing of any complexity (for further use in silver or gold casting process), 3D modelling, and traditional precious metal processing techniques such as forging, soldering, enamelling, casting, are used. Silver, titanium and gold combined with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones.
“Movement, fluency, variability and awakening are the key words that I tried to encode in my creations. It is a great responsibility to create beautiful things. I would like to compare them to a dragonfly flying on a warm sunny day in May. This is our guide and messenger in the world of illusions we live in. We shouldn’t run away from it – we just need to find the colourful flowers in this world, otherwise our life would become monotonous and grey. Each piece of jewellery was created as a small part of the illusory world, with its story and mystery.”
During the exhibition, there will be an opportunity to discover this mysterious world and its surreal and mystical fantasy images that make a collection of contemporary jewellery.
Maya – literary “world of illusion” and “magic” /according to Indian philosophies and Vedic texts/. The unreal world that appears to be real, a place to return to anytime. The power and principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality.
Māris Šustiņš holds a Master’s degree in Metal Design at the Latvian Academy of Arts. Currently working in Riga Design and Art Secondary School in metal design program. He is one of the most romantic Latvian jewellery artists. Always changing and surprising jewellery making style, which is sometimes accompanied by sensitive romanticism and something from lyrical Art Nouveau. Otherwise technologically complicated searches or unexpected simplicity. Šustiņš likes a wide range of work – from the finest jewellery to big metal shapes.

At gallery PUTTI – 19!


May 24, 2019
June 11, 2019