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June 15, 2016 - September 15, 2016

From June 15 until September 15, 2016
at Art gallery PUTTI

International contemporary jewellery exhibition


I want to become a part of eternity. I climb up on a mountain and walk into a cloud. Cloud – it is a unit of measurement. I walk into sky and take a cloud with me as memorabilia, it is white and clear as rock crystal. With a golden thread I saw it to my heart as faith. I am within a miracle. Everything around me flows and changes. Eternal movement. Cloud turns into mist and covers my childhood dreams with light pink quartz. I take silver thread and saw a quartz button in my skirt – for pink dreams that are long forgotten. For hope. And then I find cloud – as red as garnet, and I put in on my hand as a ring. For love. Now I search for a way back. And I make a rainbow cloud bridge from ruby red, orange cornelian, yellow citrine, green chrysoprase, evening blue topaz, dark blue sapphire and violet amethyst. Now I am winnowed by eternity.

Participants: Guntis Lauders (Latvia), Māris Auniņš (Latvia), Māris Šustiņš (Latvia), Valdis Brože (Latvia), Andris Lauders (Latvia), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Reka Lorincz (Hungary), Julia Maria Kunnap (Estonia), Simeon Shomov (Bulgaria), Akiko Kurihara (Japan), Gisbert Stach (Germany), Panjapol Kulpapangkorn (Thailand), Stacey Huang (China), KIRAYURINA (Japan), Elita Patmalniece (Latvia), Liisa Hashimoto (Japan).

Mākslas galerijā “Putti” skatāma laikmetīgo Rotu Izstāde “Saruna Ar Mākoni” about exhibition “CONVERSATION WITH A CLOUD” (link) about exhibition “CONVERSATION WITH A CLOUD” (link) about exhibition “CONVERSATION WITH A CLOUD” (link)

Laikmetīgo rotu izstāde «Saruna ar mākoni»


June 15, 2016
September 15, 2016
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