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Chao-Hsien Kuo, Eero Hintsanen. LOVE AND EXPERTISE

October 25, 2019 - November 19, 2019

From October 25 until November 19, 2019
at Art gallery PUTTI

Double exhibition by Finnish contemporary jewellery artists


Artist couple works in their studio in Lahti, Finland, creating jewellery using precious metals and precious stones, which are based on traditional jewellery knowledge and hand-work that have been developed over the years.
Artists in their works portray the beauty of Finnish nature.
The exhibited works can be seen as diverse sides of Finland- cheerful and romantic summer vs. tough and enduring winter.
Both artists reflect the closeness of man and nature and their interactions in their work. Only the viewpoints and interpretations of the two artists differ. Both artists can be judged as researchers of natural forms.
Eero’s characteristic works and his un-apologizing approach to reinterpreting the traditional field have earned him the prestigious Goldsmith of the Year 2019 title in Finland. This honour was awarded by the Finnish Goldsmiths Association, founded in 1905 in Finland.

Chao & Eero stands for a love story; the love of two people for each other, and their love of creating jewellery.
Chao & Eero union was founded on Valentine’s Day 2005.

The delicate and meticulous process of jewellery work and the creation of jewellery in artists’ unique works reveals the authors’ passion for their work.
Chao says about her work, that they express the simple happiness in everyday life that she holds dear, and they are what makes the artist smile and is translated into the language of jewellery.
Chao’s works are delicate and feminine, inspired by the environment and nature. The artists enjoys and sees the beauty in all seasons. Chao passes through her jewellery the simple happiness in everyday life.
“Living in Finland has a profound influence on my works. The natural surroundings provide endless fuel to my creativity. Through my jewellery, I want to present the beauty and wonder in the daily life, which might be easily ignored if you don’t take a moment to see and appreciate. I collect the seeds of inspiration by taking close-up photographs of flowers and plants, which I encounter in my daily surroundings or during traveling. I like to observe how a bloom is set on the stem, how the petals unwrap to reveal an enclosed surprise and how leaves sprout from branches, from which I can almost hear the popping sounds. I want to capture the gesture of a flower and to depict the energy and liveliness of a plant.”

On the contrary, Eero’s works. They are elegant, bold and with a tough Finnish dimension. The artist grew up in the countryside where “the forest and lakes was my playground, my take on nature is often raw and primitive,” says the artist. “Also I am fascinated by the mystique of old stories.” Eero Hintsanen has been working professionally as a designer, an artist and a goldsmith since 1999 focusing on collaborations with fashion designers, stylists and photographers. Eero works are elegantly rough. Artists aesthetics are absorbed from the surroundings and old-world mystique stories heard in childhood in the Finnish countryside at the 70’s.

Exhibition scenography made by audiovisual media artist Sintija Jēkabsone.

Facebook – Sintija Jēkabsone

dailesteatris.lv – Sintija Jēkabsone


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Opening night:


October 25, 2019
November 19, 2019