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November 8, 2015 - February 5, 2016

From December 8, 2015 until February 5, 2016
at Art gallery PUTTI

 International contemporary jewellery exhibition


Everyone feels winter`s breath – it freezes and embellishes everything that stands in its way. The cold congeals, but it makes us search for warmth by each other – in warm conversations, in the joy of meeting others, in spending time together. Art gallery Putti presents an exhibition with artists from different countries with different approaches to jewellery making techniques and styles. An interesting interaction will be created by Latvian and other international artists in the context of contemporary art world which is full of questions about quality and concept. There are some artists that simply cannot create without asking themselves a question: “Why do I create?”, meanwhile there are others for which this process is very instinctive – brain is turned off and hands start to listen to something otherworldly. But there is one very strong element that is in common for every participant in “Winter`s breath” exhibition. When talking about their creative process they all state that they reach for the inspiration in nature. For some it is simply a walk in the forest, for others it can be an intentional observation and interaction with objects found in nature.
Participants: Guntis Lauders (Latvia), Māris Auniņš (Latvia), Māris Šustiņš (Latvia), Valdis Brože (Latvia), Andris Lauders (Latvia), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Reka Lorincz (Hungary), Julia Maria Kunnap (Estonia), Flora Vagi (Hungary), Wu Ching Chih (Taiwan), Simeon Shomov (Bulgaria), Jack Cunningham (Englanda), Liisa Hashimoto (Japan), Sarah Johnston (Australia), Darja Popolitova (Estonia).

Andris Lauders (Latvia)

Darja Popolitova (Estonia)

Gigi Mariani (Italy)

Guntis Lauders (Latvia)

Jack Cunningham (United Kingdom)

Liisa Hashimoto (Japan)

Māris Auniņš (Latvia)

Māris Šustiņš (Latvia)

Reka Lorincz (Hungary)

Sarah Johnston (Australia)

Simeon Shomov (Bulgria)

Valdis Brože (Latvia)

Wu Ching Chih (Taiwan)

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November 8, 2015
February 5, 2016
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