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September 23, 2011 - October 22, 2011

From September 23 until October 22, 2011
at Art gallery PUTTI

International exhibition


For the first time, the art gallery PUTTI is offering the opportunity of familiarising with a trend poorly known in the jewellery art in Latvia – CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY.  The participants of the exhibition are recognized and successful conceptual jewellery artists from different countries of the world:
Adam Grinovich (Sweden), Ana Cardim  (Spain), Anastasia Young (London), Ara Kuo (Taiwan), Beppe Kessler (Netherlands), Coco Dunmire (USA), Dace Vītola (Latvia), Daniela Boieri (Italy), Doris Betz (Germany), Eugenia Ingegno (Italy), Emmanuel Lacoste (France), Fabrizio Tridenti (Italy), Felieke van der Leest (Netherlands), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Isabell Schaupp (Germany), Liisa Hashimoto (Japan), Lisa Björke (Sweden), Maria Cristina Bellucci (Italy), Margherita de Martino Norante (Italy), Nora Rochel (Germany), Nicolas Estrada  (Spain), Pawel Kaczynski (Poland), Poly Nikolopoulou (Greece), Silke Fleischer (Belgium), Sigurd Bronger (Norway), Tarja Tuupanen (Finnland), Ted Noten (Netherlands).

The conceptual art is a European and US trend of art emerged in the late 1960s. Its representatives aimed at dematerialising art by popularizing the new principle “art -idea”, prevailing over the traditionally aesthetic and material tasks.  Instead of visually aestheticized enjoyment, the conceptual art is based on contemplation, thinking and intellectual effort that is not always comfortable. It is not affirming, the conceptual art is interrogative, thus creating a form of a dialogue with the viewer.
The beginning of the conceptual jewellery also traces back to the 60s. The conceptual jewellery is founded in traditions, history of jewellery art and handicraft, and it also has a contemporary nature – the artists of conceptual jewellery are catalysts of reality, promulgators of an active position and ideas. The task of art galleries is to continue the dissemination process of these ideas.
In conceptual jewellery, like in contemporary jewellery, precious metals, precious stones, natural materials, plastic, porcelain, threads, etc. are used. Beauty is something more than just decorating and embellishing. Conceptual jewellery can be found in different forms and is been included in the category of ‘art’. All statements in jewellery – aesthetic, politic, ideological and social – are sentimental and provocative, thus are to be called as conceptual.
The pieces selected for this exhibition have also been displayed with the aim of involving the viewer in a mediated way to become an active partner of the conception, message, questions, irony, and attitude expressed by the artists and having obtained a shape and physical existence in the form of jewellery.

Exhibition opening: about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link) about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link) about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link) about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link) about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link) about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link) about exhibition “CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” (link)



September 23, 2011
October 22, 2011