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Andris Lauders. WHAT’S THAT?

November 25, 2016 - December 12, 2016

From November 25, 2016 until December 12, 2016
at Art Gallery PUTTI

Solo exhibition
by Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Andris Lauders


The artist looks at a square, rolls it, twists and turns it – different forms are taking shape, colours other wonders are developing, because black never is only black, just as white is not only white. Nothing is absolute – neither form, nor colour.
“The motto for this exhibition is geometric forms – square, rectangle, and circle, of course. Circular, round forms are more pleasing for the human beings, they are more acceptable, organic; but there is some inner tension in edges – some stress, spitefulness and persistence. If you try to make a circle in the air with your hand – it’s easy. But how about a square? That takes some thought process.
In 1913 artist Kazimir Malevich reached his black square. It simultaneously was his dead-end and the beginning of further growth. Black square holds a massive amount of information, hundreds of edges, colours and forms, including circle.
In the beginning there is only a vision – eyes and a square. The outcome is never known, otherwise it would not be interesting to work on it.

I look at a square.
Eyes look at a square.
Eyes are in the square.
Square is in the eyes.

If at any point, when looking at my works, you will ask: “What`s that?”, I will have succeeded.” Andris Lauders

Andris Lauders (1961) is a graduate of the School of Applied Arts, Metal department (1980) and the Estonian Art Institute, Metal department (1985). He began his creative work by infringing the pre-set rules. In particular, during the Soviet period, metal artists were taught to avoid mixing the base materials in their works, however, it is the silver and gold combination that has become the face of Andris Lauders jewellery. As accents in his jewellery, he uses not only gems and pearls, but also the more extraordinary materials – mammoth bones, ancient coins, lava, etc. The presence of historicism is gracefully present in his works. However, from all cultures, the ancient Egyptian jewellery has the dominant effect here. His jewellery traditionally has a narrative, but handwriting is developing in the direction of simplicity. Simple geometric shapes are mainly used in his artworks.

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Mākslas galerijā PUTTI būs skatāma Andra Laudera personālizstāde “Acis kvadrātā“



Opening night


November 25, 2016
December 12, 2016
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