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May 31, 2001 - September 10, 2001

 May 31 – September 10, 2001,
at Art gallery Putti
Grēcinieku iela 22/24, Old Riga

800 years of Riga Jewellery

Latvian jewellery artists dedication to the anniversary of
800 years Riga city

In the group exhibiton participates Latvian jewellery artists: Andris Lauders, Funtis Lauders, Māris Auniņš, Gints Strēlis, Aigis Auders, Valdis Brože

Aigis Auders graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of Metal Art, under the guidance of Professor J. Gagainis. This is the second higher education since before that the artist completed the Faculty of Chemistry of the State University of Latvia. This is significant because A. Auder’s jewellery making is associated with an ancient, white-specific waxing technique where chemical knowledge is useful. Natural materials (sea washed stick, a snail, a mayhem, a pine root or a fish bark) are reborn in a new quality and are captured in time and space. Similar footprints formed when Vesuvius swallowed Pompeii. The artist has a distinctly individual handwriting, a brilliant talent and a technically perfect performance that only he knows in the Baltics.

Andris Lauders graduated from the Tallinn Institute of Art. Artist’s style is avant-garde, bright and singular. His jewellery brings us an Egyptian mood. The artist is still devoted to this theme, it appears as golden lines on a silver background. The jewellery look as if they have just been taken from the depths of the earth.

Guntis Lauders, graduate of Tallinn Art Institute. In his jewellery, the artist seems to revive natural materials. The motifs have an Indian motif. In jewellery, G. Lauders uses a variety of natural materials – mammoth tusk, African ebony, coral, pearls. They all take on a new life and appierance in the jewellery.

Gints Strēlis, graduate of Tallinn Art Institute. Traces of ancient cultures can be clearly seen in the artist’s work. The interpretation of the Viking theme in his silver-etched authoring technique resembles ancient petroglyphic symbols, which are also found in Latvian caves, close to ancient fairways, although these beds are dried, the footstep remain as evidence of the interaction of Scandinavian cultures with White tribes.

Valdis Brože graduated from the Visual Communication Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Valdis works with gold, silver, various gemstones and semi-precious stones. An artist’s variable handwriting is the work of enamel. He plays with color intensity, combining in amazing combinations. Jewellery is likened to the process of creating a sculpture.

Māris Auniņš, graduate of the Metal Design Department of the Tallinn Academy of Art. Close to Bauhaus School in architecture and design: constructivism, minimalism, purity and clarity of forms. One of the few jewellery artists in Latvia who polishes stones himself for unique shapes (aquamarines, topazes, quartz, rock crystals, etc.).



May 31, 2001
September 10, 2001