„Raining stars” by Māris Šustiņš

From May 20 until June 16, 2016 it is possible to see „Raining stars” at Art gallery Putti. Stars of different colours and forms shine in all their brilliance – forming a contemporary jewellery exhibition, created by Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Māris Šustiņš. “Raining stars – that`s the moment when we look at the sky […]

“Levitation” by Elita Patmalniece

From March 4, 2016 until March 23, 2016 Art gallery Putti presents “Levitation” – an interactive solo exhibition by Latvian artist Elita Patmalniece.

Conventional assumptions of “this is right” and “this is how it should be” have locked up dreams in a cage. In present adult world dreams appear mostly only at nights. During daytime the mind does not allow itself to let go, as it is grounded by stereotypes, stress and the chaos of thoughts.

Contemporary jewellery exhibition “Winter’s breath”

Art gallery Putti presents the summer exhibition „Winter`s breath”, on display from December 8, 2015 until February 5, 2016. The exhibition will consist of different Latvian and international contemporary jewellery artists` works.

„White pate” by Valdis Brože

From November 6, 2015 until November 24, 2015 Art Gallery Putti presents „White pate” – a solo exhibition of Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Valdis Brože.

Jewellery exhibition by Reka Lorincz and Flora Vagi “Contemporary past”

Hungarian Embassy in Latvia organizes Hungarian days in Riga for the first time. The goal for the Embassy is to introduce people in Latvia with Hungary, its culture, art, music, literature, contemporary design, gastronomy, and tourism possibilities.

From October 16th, 2015 until October 30th, 2015 Hungarian Embassy in Latvia in cooperation with Art gallery Putti presents contemporary and conceptual jewellery exhibition of Hungarian jewellery designers REKA LORINCZ and FLORA VAGI.

Latvian contemporary amber jewellery in a travelling exhibition

In connection with Latvia holding the Presidency of European Union in the first half of 2015, Art gallery PUTTI in collaboration with different organizations is proud to offer a travelling exhibition which will contain different Latvian jewellery artists` works with our treasure – amber. The exhibition will be on display in three different countries.

Emmanuel Lacoste’s project “The seven deadly sins”

From February 25 until April 11, 2015 Art Gallery PUTTI is proud to present a project of French conceptual jewellery artist Emmanuel Lacoste “The seven deadly sins”.

During the 4th century, the monk Evagrius Ponticus published a collection of books, one for each moral transgression that anyone should avoid doing not to offend God.

Winter exhibition “Endless closeness”

Winter holds in itself an end of a period and a beginning of a new one, it is seen as a point of reference – in nature, society, our minds and hearts. We look back at the events of the year from different perspectives, assessing our growth and achievements. But our hearts don`t speculate, our hearts simply want to be close to each other – in endless closeness.