Pastaiga 08/2019

Photo: Miks Užāns @mikuzansStyle: Liene Stūraine @sturainestylelabMUAH: Eva Herbona @evaxelStylist assistant: Elizabete Džeina Rubene @ejrubeneModel: Beāte, Meraki Model Management LatvijaJewellery: Art gallery PUTTI

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For the ninth time the international contemporary jewellery contest GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO – Fermentation in jewellery – was held. This year the theme of the contest is SEARCHING FOR QUALITY. The competition is organised by the city of Castel San Giovanni in cooperation with the Italian Association of Contemporary Jewellery (AGC). Eliana Negroni is the founder and curator of the exhibition. “My daily horizon is with wineyards covered hill in the Val Tidone valley – red, clayey ground and chalky veins of the Po River in the Piacenza province, the Emilia – Romagna region of Northern Italy. It is a source of inspiration for creative work.” For the first round of the competition 120 artists applied from all over the world. 50 works that was selected by the jury made the basis of the exhibition and also participated in the competition for the first place. It is a real “fermentation” in the world of jewellery art. The exhibition opening was on May 12 in the villa Braghieri Albesani, in city Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza, Italy. Villa Braghieti Albesani was built in the 17th century, Baroque style. In 1809, the villa became property of the Criminal Court of Piacenza – Pietro […]

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Best contemporary art places to experience in Riga Old Town

8 must visit art places in Riga old town. Riga art checklist for Oldtown I work in the gallery and one of my integral pleasures of life is art and culture. It brings me the knowledge, strength and full attitude of love to life. I would like to offer you my favourite art route in the Old Town, which I walk through to see, get to know and find out about the latest in the field of Latvian culture. Riga’s oldtown is the historical and geographic centre of Riga that in itself is architectural artwork – thus it has been named by UNESCO as world heritage site. To the list – it has been put in such an order to make sure you don’t go in circles, but some small detours to see some more magnificent buildings in Riga Old town.. On the way you’ll be able to enjoy art, see and visit small & exquisite boutiques, works of local craftsmen, small cafes and street vendors. This is the ultimate contemporary art guide of our oldtown for arts connoisseur. Stop 1: Art Gallery PUTTI Established in 2000 and initially working to promote Latvian contemporary jewellery artists, it has grown into […]

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