Monthly Archives: April 2016

„Raining stars” by Māris Šustiņš

From May 20 until June 16, 2016 it is possible to see „Raining stars” at Art gallery Putti. Stars of different colours and forms shine in all their brilliance – forming a contemporary jewellery exhibition, created by Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Māris Šustiņš. “Raining stars – that`s the moment when we look at the sky and try to notice falling stars. These stars give us hope, love and the big chance to wish for something. Maybe the stars fall for us? Maybe they are tired from shining for billions of years and by flashing up one last time they fade out, making us turn our attention to them for a least a couple of seconds. Inner dialogue, a conversation with myself is the beginning – that`s how I try to spark up my creativity when I start the exciting jewellery making process. I ask someone inside me, I talk to him, and He answers me. Is it myself that I am talking to or is it some other being or energy? At the beginning I see the character of the jewellery piece. Maybe it comes to my thoughts and imagination from somewhere far away or maybe it has always lived […]

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