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Once upon a time in My West /Felieke van der Leest/

Like a lot of artists I do not like to explain my work too much. I prefer the people to make their own story to each work. By telling my stories or thoughts I make it more difficult for the viewer to come up with their own stories. Mostly people look through so many kinds of glasses that they see more things in my work than I can imagine. But as a viewer myself I understand also that it is very interesting, even sometimes necessary, to know  the stories the artist has about his/her works. Slides from the lecture at The Art Academy Of Latvia are available on Slideshare Title: “Once upon a time……” that is mostly the first sentence of a European/American fairy tale. “My West” is my personal interpretation of the stories of the Wild West (cowboys and the Indians in Northern America) “My West” is also one letter difference and just a play with the name of a very famous American actress “Mae West”, Crazy Horse : this title has nothing to do with the real Crazy Horse (the native American Indian man who was a leader of the Lakota tribe.) This horse is  a crazy […]

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