February 11, 2014

International exhibition “Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery” set designer – Latvian fashion brand „MAREUNROL ‘S”

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Sea, romantic sunsets, waves rustling, peace, balance and storm blusters, anxiety and seafood. It’s all here by the Baltic Sea. When the storm slows down, we receive Mother Sea’s gift – amber. Because of amber’s sunny golden radiance, it has long been viewed as both – rigid sunlight and tears of pagan gods. Golden yellow tears – light, solar power, celebrations, wisdom, warning and value which is comparable of that of gold.

And it is precisely that – the Nordic gold – which created Amber Road from the Baltic Sea up to the Roman Empire. Road – it is a movement, a development of the material as of the spiritual plane.

Amber – a mineral of different shapes and shades, is useful for different purposes and at the same time is a story, a message of the ancient times, when people understood the language of trees and animals, and even older times, when the world was ruled by insects – these amazing natural pieces of jewelery.

It is logical to mention insects when talking about amber, because amber has proven to be the safest tombs of many creatures – butterflies, bees, spiders and ants that have stuck in the solidified resin.

The life of an ant in the most direct way is a path – ceaseless, uninterrupted existence, that , when looking from the top at an anthill, seems  as a chaotic flickering, but close up reveals ambitious, well-organized, orderly society model subjected to its main objective.

At the exhibition Amber Road will be combined with Ant Road – orderly, constant, created for a higher purpose, to show amber in contemporary modern art.

Set designers of the exhibition – one of the most prominent Latvian fashion designer brands „MAREUNROL ‘S” ( Rolands Pēterkops and Mārīte Mastiņa).

Information about the exhibition

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