January 11, 2014

Valdis Brože

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Valdis Brože believes amber is made up of stories. “Having travelled through time and space, amber has soaked up all that has taken place before and it has then hardened into historical fact.” According to Brože, amber sublimates finality and does not wish to reveal more than is already visible. By touching the stone’s surface and working it, the artist attempts to awaken the amber in the hopes of obtaining answers. Brože has given names to the pieces in his “Atmiņu gabali” (Pieces of Memory) collection: “the big, talkative one” tells about the sea, light and silence; “the blond, pensive one” tells about fir trees, the wind and bird voices…. It feels as if the desire to approach the stone is so immense that it is finally willing to reveal itself.


Brože studied metal design and has a Bachelor’s degree in visual communications from the Art Academy of Latvia. Since 1996 he has participated in many group exhibitions in Latvia, Russia and elsewhere in Europe.


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