January 11, 2014

Sara Gackowska

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Sara Gackowska attempts to define the boundaries of possibility for stones and jewellery-making by understanding the contemporary expression of form and content. “The material becomes the mirror of the visual image of my thoughts and experiences,” she explains. She has a special relationship with material and an ability to feel its qualities and enter the material, all the while keeping in mind the importance of context. These, then, are the instruments Gackowska uses to create objects that speak a language of their own.


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Gackowska has a Master’s degree in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. She has participated in several student exchange programmes and studied jewellery-making at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Imatra, Finland. Since 2009 she has participated in group exhibitions worldwide, and in 2012 she won the Grand Prix at the Amberif Design Award competition in Gdansk.

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