January 11, 2014

Nataša Grandovec

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With her amber collection Nataša Grandovec is attempting to destroy her own stereotypes. “I thought it was only my grandmother and her friends who wore amber brooches and necklaces.” So Grandovec has deliberately gone the light-hearted route, desiring to rid herself and amber of associations that have followed her since childhood and that have relegated amber to the role of being an accessory for maturity and the end of life. Her work is characterised by that happy, over-abundant lightness found in, for example, children’s toys. Brooches with a touch of summer-sky blue gleaming next to amber and silver, or an amber “ice cream” with a dark red “cherry” attached to a plane of tarnished silver – these are accessories that are able to add a thing or two not only to seriousness but also to frivolity.


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Grandovec graduated from the Metropolitan University in London in 2000 and has a Bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2002) in Canada. Since 1998 she has actively participated in group exhibitions throughout Europe. In 2008 Grandovec received the Europa Donna grand prize for jewellery in Slovenia.

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