January 11, 2014

Māris Šustiņš

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Not only does form as a whole play an important part in Māris Šustiņš’ jewellery, but so do details. And sometimes very minute details. It seems the artist is always yearning to tell a story, and this time is no exception. Šustiņš’ collection of five rings portrays the development of a flower – from bud to fruit – and symbolises the formation of a personality over the span of a lifetime. He explains: “The golden blossom in China, the lotus in India, the rose in Persia and Europe…. This time I chose the yellow waterlily as my flower, which is symbolically closely related to what happens in a person. The roots of this flower stretch deep into the soil, the stem grows through the water and the golden blossom opens above the water, in the sunshine. This flower can be considered a symbol of the person, whose physical body is his earthly foundation and who then spiritually develops through emotions (water) and his mind (air). By thus growing and perfecting himself, he blooms in spirit (the sun) and light.”


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Šustiņš graduated from the Metal Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia with a Master’s degree in 1995. He has participated in exhibitions since 1991. He has organised several solo exhibitions and participated in many significant group exhibitions throughout Europe and Russia. In 1993 he won first place in the modern jewellery category at the Latvijas rota ’93 competition.

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