January 11, 2014

Maria Cristina Belluci

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Maria Cristina Bellucci studies the interactions between a very large variety of materials and utilises these in her work. But she is also interested in the chemical composition and unique number of atoms in each raw material as well as the ability of amber to conduct electricity and thereby link the most diverse substances in a unified chain. Reading the descriptions of her artwork can be truly confusing due to the many chemical element symbols used in place of philosophical contemplation. And suddenly it’s no surprise to find out that Bellucci studied alchemy in Florence in 2008. The result of her creative experiments is a series of necklaces of varying lengths that can be turned in the fingers like a rosary, allowing the wearer to feel the materiality of silver, amber, papier-mâché, epoxy resin, rubber and marble and also look upon them as objects that illustrate scientific formulas.


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Bellucci has a degree in stage design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (1989) and has studied jewellery-making technique at the San Giacomo School of Ornamental Arts. Since 1999 she has participated in group exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, the Baltic States, South Korea and the United States. Bellucci’s work can be found in the Alice and Louis Koch ring collection in Switzerland and the Olnick Spanu collection in the United States. In 2009 the Italian Association for Industrial Design named her “egg bracelet” one of the best products created in the Lazio region.

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