January 11, 2014

Jurgita Erminaite-Šimkuviene

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Jurgita Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė’s work in the “Amber in Contemporary Jewellery” is distinctive in its anti-utilitarianism, thereby revealing the essence of conceptual jewellery. Her work titled Take Away is a philosophical meditation on the theme “fast, cheap, effective”, which is one of the main slogans in today’s world, which is overrun with goods made in China. Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė found the artistic commentary in this work in the recipe for the popular Lithuanian dessert tinginys (laziness): “two packages of cookies (amber will do), 100 grams of butter (epoxy resin works well), condensed milk (sand) and five tablespoons cocoa (iron oxide). Wait until it all hardens.”



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Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė has a Master’s degree from the Vilnius Academy of Art (2004), where she studied in the Architecture and Design Department and specialised in jewellery-making. Since 2002, she has organised several solo exhibitions in Lithuania and has participated in many group exhibitions in Europe, mostly Poland, Russia and the Baltic States. Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė has received several professional awards, including the Grand Prix in the Alatyr-2005 competition organised by the Kaliningrad Amber Museum.


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