January 11, 2014

Heidemarie Herb

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The harmony of movement, form and colour are particularly important to Heidemarie Herb, and she strives to have each of her creations embody this interaction between these phenomena. She is inspired by the study of the relationship between the person and the world, which involves generally known but at once eternal occurrences and processes. A person’s life from birth to death, the secrets and mysteries of nature, the presence of colour, the birth of thought…. Herb enjoys awakening the senses and the mind, provoking emotions and destroying the superficiality and egocentrism that are such ingrained parts of modern-day life.


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Herb received her professional jeweller qualifications in 1991 and then turned her attention to the study of gems at the German Diamond Institute. Since 2010 she has participated in group exhibitions worldwide, served on the jury at the FiloRosso International Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery in Muggia/Trieste (2012) and received the promotion award at the 3rd International Amber Workshop in Gdansk (2011).

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