January 11, 2014

Guntis Lauders

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Guntis Lauders has always declared that he searches for inspiration in nature….in the way the water ripples in a pond, or in the play of light between a tree’s branches. This exhibition is no different, with Lauders having found inspiration for his amber jewellery from the world around him during the 2013 Song and Dance Festival. During the festival, the air in Latvia was saturated with a feeling of Latvianness, prompting in Lauders associations with “other happy Latvian things such as singing, dancing, joking songs, decorations and Latvia’s only gemstone, amber. All of these things must from time to time be taken out of the storage chests and dusted off. The words must be cleared of clichés, the songs of officiality, the amber of polish and souvenir booths. Natural, unpolished, uncomplicated amber tells its own tales—tales of singing, dancing and the enjoyment of life.”

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Lauders is one of the most exciting and extraordinary designers in Latvia. He graduated from the metal design department at Tallinn Art University in 1992 and received his Master’s degree at the Art Academy of Latvia. Since 1996 he has organised a number of solo exhibitions in the Baltic States, Northern Europe and Germany and has participated in many significant international group exhibitions. In 1998 he received the award for “Best Jewellery Designer of the Year”, in 1995 his “Spoguļi” (Mirrors) collection of clothing and jewellery was selected to participate in the ArtGenda ’96 exhibition in Copenhagen, and the previous year he won the Baltic Triennial of Applied Art in Tallinn.

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