January 11, 2014

Gigi Mariani

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Gigi Mariani’s jewellery is like a miniature sculptural object that is able to at once “sit” on the wearer’s hand and also exhibit itself as a piece of art in the room. Mariani emphasises that in creating his work he tries to form a relationship with sculpture, moving away from the common notion of jewellery. For him, surface and texture fascinate…the coal-like dark, rough outer layer of oxidised metal is like a cast-iron setting through which gold and silver has broken through. Mariani says that just as a painter has his canvas upon which to sublimate his emotional world, so he has his jewellery, in which common feelings are spontaneously transformed.


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In the “Amber in Contemporary Jewellery” exhibition Mariani has chosen pieces that reveal the very different nature of two materials, the contrast between the coolness of metal and the warmth of amber. Mariani describes himself as a goldsmith from Modena with more than 25 years of jewellery-making experience (he opened his workshop in Modena in 1985). His conceptual jewellery is exhibited in prestigious group exhibitions worldwide as well as galleries in Rome, Luxembourg, Vienna and Riga, with reproductions found in many books and catalogues. Mariani has received several awards, including the Amberif Design Award 2012 in Warsaw.

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