January 11, 2014

Fanni Vekony

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Fanni Vékony admits that she respects traditional craftsmanship and draws joy from simple instruments and the slowness of handmade techniques. But she is also excited by new materials and methods: “I am fascinated by the possibility of sublimating the past and future.” Her work with amber and the other materials she has chosen to use show the importance of these characteristics to her art, for example, using paper with “amber” written on it in 60 languages (ten antique, six medieval and 44 modern languages) or bases made of modern materials combined with age-old amber. “People of many nations have known about amber for centuries. I try to find these points of contact between people and centuries,” says Vékony.



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Vékony graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest in 2006. Since 2008 she has exhibited her work in a number of solo exhibitions in Hungary and group exhibitions in Europe and Russia. She has received the PannonArts Design Gallery (Budapest) annual award for best jewellery for two years in a row (2011, 2012).

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