January 11, 2014

Eva Tesarik

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Eva Tesarik says she is inspired by the “cabinets of curiosities” so popular in the bejewelled Renaissance era. Wealthy people of that era installed such cabinets, or rooms, for their own joy and exhibited their rarities with pride, paying no attention to grouping objects according to art, science or other fields. Tesarik’s “The Gold of the North” collection is a portable (wearable) cabinet of curiosities in which amber is paired with a great variety of materials.


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Tesarik has a Doctor’s degree in biology (1985), but in the 1990s she began a career as a jewellery designer. She studied at the Wiener Goldschmiede Akademie in 1992-1995 and has actively participated in jewellery exhibitions since the mid 1990s. Her jewellery has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States and can be found in prestigious private and public collections.

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