January 11, 2014

Andris Lauders

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The jewellery Andris Lauders has created for the “Amber in Contemporary Jewellery” exhibition is a conceptually multi-layered story, a story created by the symbiosis of contemporary form and content relating to the origin of amber. Lauders says, “While contemplating the amount of time it takes for pine resin to turn into amber, I began to understand that the mammoth is actually a contemporary of amber.” In Lauders’ work, unpolished amber contrasts with polished mammoth bone and matte silver, and the fishing-boat form of his jewellery calls to mind the sea, the birthplace of amber. In other pieces, a millstone reminds the wearer of the time it takes for resin to turn into amber.

Lauders graduated from the metal design department at the Tallinn Art Institute (now the Estonian Academy of Arts) in 1985. He has participated in exhibitions of contemporary jewellery in the Baltic States, Russia and elsewhere in Europe. Lauders’ work can be found in private collections worldwide. In 1996 he won the main award, the Fabergé Award, at the international jewellery exhibition in St. Petersburg.


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