November 9, 2013

Pawel Kaczynski CV

Born  in 1967 in Warsaw.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. W³. Strzeminski in Lodz.

He designs jewellery since 1990.


A member of the the Polish Association of Sculptors since 1992.

Since 1995 the member of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association (STFZ). From many

fields of art which he deal with, the jewellery became a leading direction of his creative realization.He participated

in over a hundred exhibitions and competitions of jewelry in Poland and abroad. In recent years, also as a member of the jury.

A one of five authors of Artistic Group “Six” supporting the idea of creating unique jewellery (since 2001 more than twenty

exhibitions in Poland and the United Kingdom,Sweden and Austria)

His works are located in the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad-Russia, the Jewellery Museum in Kazimierz Dolny,

the “Amber Museum” in Gdańsk and in many private collections and galleries worldwide.


– National Exhibition of Jewellery SILVER TOP”Towards Japan”- Warszawa 1998 honourable mention;

– “DESIGN” contest of a monthly magazine Watches & Jewellery, Fairs”Gold,Silver,Time” Warsaw 2002-laureate;

– National Exhibition of Jewellery “Presentations 2004”, Jewellery Fairs “Gold,Silver,Time” Warsaw 2004 3rd position;

– National Exhibition of Jewellery “Presentations 2004”, Jewellery Fairs “G.S.T.” Warsaw 2004 STANKO Gallery prize;

– “DESIGN” contest of Watches & Jewellery monthly magazine, Fairs “G.S.T.” Warsaw 2004 laureate;

– “Mercurius Gedanensis” Amberif 2007 – Gdańsk -GRAND PRIX ;

– “31 x jewellery” Sandomierz 2010 – laureate of “Galeria Otwarta”;

– International Biennale “Alatyr 2011”-“Space-Time”-Kaliningrad,Russia 2011- 2nd prize.

– The International Amber Triennale in Frombork 2011 – honourable mention.

– XII Edition Artistic Jewellery Contest “Prezentacje 2012”- The Ring – 1st prize

– “Mercurius Gedanensis” Amberif 2013 – Gdansk – Two honourable mention.

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