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Dark Love

Lithuanian jewellery designer’s YURGA LAGO first solo exhibition in Riga! From 5th November to 18th November, 2010 YURGA  LAGO Lithuanian jewellery designer’s works have been included in the exposition of the art gallery PUTTI many times before but this will be the first time when Yurga Lago brings her own solo exhibition to Riga. Yurga is one of the most well-known contemporary Lithuanian jewellery designers. She is not only an active participant of exhibitions but also has been the initiator of several international jewellery shows. Although born into a family of jewellers, Yurga entered the Vilnius Academy of Art to study graphic art. The drawing skills learned at the academy combined with the jewellers craftsmanship acquired in her family gave Yurga everything necessary in order to express herself in the contemporary jewellery design. There are three prizes Yurga herself considers important – Grand Prix for the most attractive collection at the competition “Ar Mada” in Vilnius, the 2nd place in the competition “Aillis 2005” in Australia (jewellery made of Australian pearls) and the1st place in the competition “Portus 2000” in Vilnius. YURGA Yurga Lago has created her own brand Yurga. The sign with her name decorates the galleries in Vilnius […]

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Time Travel

Dizaineres Valērijas Fazekašas cepuru izstāde „CEĻOJUMS LAIKĀ”
mākslas galerijā „PUTTI”
no 17. septembra līdz 16. oktobrim

Izstāde top, Ungārijas vēstniecībai Latvijā sadarbojoties ar mākslas galeriju „PUTTI”.

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Gleznotājas Vijas Zariņas miniatūru izstāde “SPĀRNI”.
Izstāde apskatāma no 11. decembra līdz 1. maijam.

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[vc_row el_position=”first last”] [vc_column] [vc_column_text el_position=”first”] The show  „ROCK CRYSTAL” will be on view from 20th Novemebr to 5th December, 2009.       CRYSTAL – (krystallos in ancient Greek) – is a solid material, its chemical formula – silicon dioxide, SiO2, whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern, extending in all three spatial dimensions. ROCK CRYSTAL QUARTZ –  gemstone, transparent, colorless quartz crystals. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) explained the origin of rock crystal as deeply frozen ice found in the high altitude and very cold temperatures. Today rock crystal is considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones, as it consists of two elements essential for life – air and water. The ancient Greeks and Romans carved rock crystal to make of it fine quartz seals and tableware. The Roman Emperor Nero (37 AD – 68 AD) owned two beautiful, clear, translucent crystal cups. In hot summer days the Roman Patricians used to cool their hands by rolling big crystal balls. In China and Japan the craftsmen had to carve a perfectly round crystal sphere as a proof of their craftsmanship. Now these amazing handcrafted balls are admired in many […]

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The Summer Opening Festival

„The Summer Opening Festival” – pins and pendants (paintings on wood) by the painter Elizabete Melbārzde and works of the gallery jewellery artists May 28 – July 30, 2009

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