May 22, 2013

Maura Biamonti

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Maura Biamonti

Maura Biamonti was born in Sanremo, Italy. After more than a decade devoted to dance, theatre and photography, she began after the late 80s her jewellery experimentation.

In 1992, she opened her studio in Ventimiglia, Italy. In 2000, she moved to Antibes, South France, while continuing to work in her laboratory in Italy. From 2010 onwards, she started to work in South France. By early 2011, she opened a studio in Biot, a picturesque and very popular medieval village on the French Riviera. Since 2008, she is a member of the AGC (“Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo”).



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She has participated to national and international fairs and exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2005, she started a collaboration with the company Massagioconda at Torre del Greco, Italy, for whom she designed a collection featuring coral. Her jewellery is sold in Europe, United States, Canada and Japan.

Thanks to her arduous, self-taught route, she got a very personal style. For her work, she prefers gold and silver, usually combined with precious and semiprecious stones with unusual cut, or organic materials such as bone and wood. Her research is focused mainly on texture and colour variations of metal. Botany, architecture and especially the great love relationship with her homeland, Liguria, Italy, are the basis of her inspiration.

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