May 22, 2013

Maria Cristina Bellucci

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Maria Cristina Bellucci

For several years I worked as theatre costume and accessories maker, creating also a wide range of jewellery for stage use.
I developed a strong interest for contemporary jewellery and I dedicated myself to it.
What characterized my early work was the use of very thin metal sheets and wires, experimenting with hollowness and fullness.
In later work, I started using even thinner metal sheets, as if working with paper sheets, creating pieces that were voluminous and light at the same time.
My more recent work is characterised by having more solid looking elements and also by the introduction of colour, not previously explored.



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I’m looking something…

I perceive harmony and disharmony. I need to see harmony around me, in everything.

With my work I’m trying to find that.

It’s a deep need.

The matter is very important is my starting point. It attracts and fascinates me, it isn’t a rational approach but emotional and sensory.

I surrender to interact with matter, my initial idea was only one track, the matter  suggested me driving to an unknown result and therefore fascinating.

I’m interested in the surface created by coloured pencils fitted together becoming like a piece of wood.

Coloured pencils cut into section are the main element of my latest work.

It’s fun to change the concept of everyday objects, by taking the object away from its contest, deconstructing and transforming it into a piece of jewellery, gaining a total new meaning.

The techniques are those traditionally used in goldsmithing and woodworking.

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