May 22, 2013

GianCarlo Montebello

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GianCarlo Montebello

A series of ‘superlight’ necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings that suggest a return to a decidedly ‘classical’ repertory of body ornaments.
There’s nothing at all bizarre about these forms: the links of the chains come one right after the other, each identical to the one before it; and with the bracelets, your wrist seems simply to be wearing some sort of draughtsman’s tool.



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These recent works are most conspicuously characterized by their weight, or by their almost total lack of weight: they’re charged with vibrations that come alive in a filigree engraved in the gossamer thinness of a sheet of stainless steel.
(From a conversation with Elisabetta Longari – May, 2001)

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