May 22, 2013

Barbara Uderzo CV













In 1990, after attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Barbara Uderzo started her work with jewels, both in the artistic and in the industrial design field.

Since then, she constantly carries out researches and experiments, creating unique pieces that are exhibited in the circuit of European Art Galleries and published in various magazines and books.

She works in cooperation with different gold jewellery companies, designing and creating prototypes of new precious collections. Besides, she combines her designing and creation activity with teaching and training in design schools. 

Interested in multiple aspects of contemporary life, she conducts experiments with different materials, ranging from craft techniques to industrial technologies, then she enriches her work with artistic performances.

Her jewels have been exhibited in prestigious Art galleries and International Museums, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Turin, La Triennale di Milano, the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza.


Some jewels are present in important collections, such as the Museo degli Argenti’s collection in Firenze and the private collection “Alice and Louis Koch” in Basel.


In 2010 Barbara opens “The Blob House”, her personal studio in Milan.


She lives and works between Creazzo (Vicenza) and Milan.

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