May 22, 2013

Anna Fornari CV














Education and professional qualifications

scientific studies at the Scientific High School in Perugia

diploma in classic guitar at “Filarmonica Romana” in Rome

in 1985 passes the selection for attending goldsmith, technical design and projecting, technology, history of the jewel course in Florence

professional specialized qualification as goldsmith and silversmith at the Regional professional training school in Florence with the “gold masters” prof. Marzio Montelatici, prof. Stefano Martini, prof. Mario Bianchi

specialized certifications in the techniques of embossing, engraving and stone setting.

in-depth course on pearls and stones

attends a seminar with the dutch artist, Ruudt Peters.

Solo exhibitions



october                 Segni e identità 

                             Anna Fornari’s  exhibition at  MUSEO del SIGILLO LaSpezia (I)


april                      Il futuro  degli Etruschi  (the future of the etruscans)

Antiquarium Comunale  Corciano – Perugia (I)


Innovare conservando  (Renewing while preserving) – conference  and debate

about the theme of the regaining the excellence  in the handicraft, through the

experience of goldsmith  art by Anna Fornari and Claudio Franchi


november             I segni dell’identità (the signs of identity)  “Alternatives”  gallery – Rome (I)



Group exhibitions


december            Filorosso 2012 III International biennal contemporary jewellery

“Ugo Carà” Modern art Museum  Muggia (I)



november            Pensieri preziosi 7- gioielli d’italia linguaggi e tendenze nel gioiello   

                            contemporaneo italiano   Oratorio di San Rocco  Padova (I)  



July                     Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste  by  Ana Cardim “contemporary

jewellery non-gallery new values”   Berlino (D)



may                     Castelli, Miniature, Astri e Alchimia – la Padova carrarese nel gioiello  

                            contemporaneo International award Mario Pinton – first  edition

Oratorio di San Rocco –  Padova (I)



may                     Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste  by  Ana Cardim – Putti Art gallery

Riga (Latvia)



june                     Contemporary jewel Hall  Museo degli Argenti    Pitti Palace 1  Florence (I)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                june                     Filo Rosso – biennial exhibition of  the contemporary jewel

“Ugo Carà”  Museum of modern art  Trieste (I)

may                     Archeogioielli Contemporanei – group exhibition civic archeologic Museum

Anzio (I)


may                     Scarti d’autore exhibition area “cinque lune”– Roma(I)


april                     Natura e Artificio – group exhibition Mediterranean natural history Museum                                                                               

                            Livorno (I)


january                Papercut  designers at Vicenza Oro First  –  Vicenza (I)


january                Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste  by  Ana Cardim – “Arts Santa Monica”

gallery – Barcelona (E)



october                La città e il Verde Rome souvenir:  ideas for a collection

Art gallery – Istituto Portoghese of  Sant’Antonio –  Rome (I)


october               Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste  by  Ana Cardim – “Touch” gallery

Los Angeles (US)

july                     TrieLine Bernabei, Fornari, Nicoletti  “Area privata” gallery – Perugia (I)


may                    Artists for Luchu   Palazzo Colonna – Rome (I)


may                    Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste  by Ana Cardim  galeria “Articola” –          

                           Lisbon (E)


april                    Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste  by Ana Cardim  MCO  Porto (L)

february              Scarti d’autore Spazio Etoile – Rome (I)



november           Contemporanei  Fioretto Art gallery – Padova (I)


november           Connections  the month of design jewellery exhibition –  Ljubljana (SLO)



october               Gioiello Italiano Contemporaneo (Italian contemporary jewel)  by Alba Cappellieri

Decorative Arts Museum Pietro Accorsi – Torino (I)



july                     Gioiello italiano contemporaneo ( Italian contemporary jewel)  by Alba Cappellieri

Kunstgewebemuseum – Berlin (D)

june                    Filo rosso  “Ugo Carà” Modern art Museum  –  Muggia Trieste (I)


march                 Gioiello Italiano Contemporaneo (Italian contemporary jewel)  by Alba Cappellieri

Treasure Hall – Castello Sforzesco – Milan (I)


january               Gioiello Italiano Contemporaneo (Italian contemporary jewel)  by Alba Cappellieri

Palazzo Valmarana Braga – Vicenza (I)


december           special guest at the exhibition centre Pottery ExhibitionDeruta- Perugia (I)

november           Gioielli contemporanei (contemporary jewels) – Trieste (I)

june                    SOFA  art and design exhibition – New York (US)

may                    Artigianato e Palazzo international handicraft  trade fair

Palazzo Corsini – Florence (I)


april                    Il gioiello effimero contemporary jewels at St. Francis Museum 

                           Corciano – Perugia (I) 



december           KODRE  gallery – Ljubljana (SLO)

november           Landersmuseum National museum – Zurich (CH)

november           National museum of Oriental Art – Rome (I)

september          Roma- Lisboa four contact points   “Tereza Seabra” gallery – Lisbon (P)

april                    spilla spin  “Contemporastudio” gallery – Florence (I)



from 2002 to 2005 

Perugia classico  cultural event of music and jewellery group exhibition Palazzo dei Priori   Perugia (I)


Agosto corcianese  editions of the cultural and artistic event Corciano – Perugia (I)




exhibits within the Festival of the two worldsSpoleto (I)                                                                        



Cooperations and workshops

cooperates with the artist Francesca Monaco di Lapio in making original jewels.

cooperates with the “ARTcore” press which is specialized in the publication of   the original          drawings and texts of the most important comics designers (Moebius, Andrea Pazienza, Cadelo), thus creating brooches on projects of the above mentioned authors.

runs an autonomous laboratory in Corciano – Perugia for a long time and later in Perugia, where she is presently working.

hosts exhibitions of artists of jewels and pottery in her laboratory.

Permanent  exhibition

“Museo degli Argenti”  Palazzo Pitti – Florence (I)


december 2012        special note Filorosso 2012 III International biennal contemporary jewellery

“Ugo Carà” Modern art Museum  Muggia (I)

Jury: Marta Celso, Maximilien Durand, Jean-Yves La Mignot



may 2010                special award Archeogioielli contemporanei Civic Archeologic Museum –     

                                Anzio (RM)

Jury: Maria Rosa Franzin


december 2007       special award at the Pottery Exhibition as representative of the excellence in

Umbria  Deruta – Perugia

march 2006             a plate at the first national meeting: “Applied arts, artistic & traditional

handicraft”,  given by the general secretariat of the President of the Italian

Republic Rome (I)


february 2000          second prize at the “St. Valentine” national competition for goldsmiths and

designers, organised by the Chamber of Commerce – Terni – Umbria

Jury: David Palterer, Cleto Munari


june 1999                international prize “Emidio Mele” for goldsmiths and engravers –

                                Torre Del Greco –Naples


february 1998          special note at the “St.Valentine” national competition for goldsmiths and

designers, organised by the Chamber of Commerce – Terni – Umbria

Jury: David Palterer, Cleto Munari


february 1997          second prize at the “St.Valentine” national competition for  goldsmiths and

designers, organised by the Chamber of Commerce – Terni -Umbria.




reviews  and   publications

2012                       magazine “Art Aurea”  Schmuck and textile  pag 46-47



november               handbook “pensieri preziosi 7” – “Gioielli d’Italia” languages and tendencies in

the contemporary italian jewel, by Mirella Cisotto Nalon – Padova 

                               Imprimenda Editions, Pag 44,45,46,47,48,49,111

critic introduction by Luisa Bazzanella Dal Piaz


may                        handbook “Castelli, miniature, astri ed alchimia – la Padova carrarese nel

gioiello Contemporaneo” by Mirella Cisotto Nalon – Imprimenda Editions,

Padova pag. 42,43,138


january                   tv news report on Sky  “le dritte di Dove”    




june                       handbook  “Gioiello contemporaneo due: al Museo degli argenti di Palazzo Pitti”

by Ornella Casazza, Sillabe Edition – Livorno – pag 50,51,126


may                       handbook “archeogioielli contemporanei – contemporary archeojewellery”  by

Claudio Franchi, archeologic museum in Anzio – Arti Grafiche Tris srl editions


april                       handbook “ Natura e Artificio”  Media Print Livorno


april                       catalogue “Il futuro degli etruschi“ by Anna Fornari and Claudio Franchi

ed. EFFE FabrizioFabbriEditore Perugia



march                   handbook  “Artisti per Luchu”  by ROKPA Italia Onlus

march                   handbook  “Garbage Pin Project – worth VS waste” by Ana Cardim

ed. Klimt 02 Publishers


october                Roma Souvenir la città e il verde  by Patrizia Rufini – Gangemi Ed. Roma pag. 83




november   cover with photo of jewel cavity of the magazine “Obiettivo Impresa” by Camera di

Commercio  of Perugia


july             review on the Italian newspaper  “La Repubblica” – Affari e Finanze weekly magazine

“Fashion and Design – Italian jewellery in Berlin”


June          “Filo rosso – appuntamento internazionale con il gioiello contemporaneo”

by Isabella Bembo n° 140 of Juliet art magazine – Graphart ed. – Trieste page 32


may           review “Between art and design” by Josè Barrero on the exhibition “ Italian

contemporary jewel” in the specialized magazine “Art y Joya” page 112,113



march        review  about cavities accompanied by a photo on the specific magazine

“GZ.ART und Design”


january      handbook  “Gioiello italiano contemporaneo”  tecniche e materiali tra arte e design by  –

Alba Cappellieri   Skira ed.  page 72



novembre        Vogue Gioiello n.97 “Scouting Mind up” Condè Nast Edition Milano pag. 82


november       handbook “Gioielli contemporanei artisti orafi e orafi artisti” by CNA and the City  of

Trieste  Incipit edition


april                handbook “Il Gioiello effimero”. EFFE Fabrizio Fabbri Edition page

by Antonella Parlani

with an introduction by Anna Fornari under the title “Gioielli dell’arte contemporanea”

page 5, photos on pages 15, 16


october     handbook “Roma-Lisboa – 4 points of contact” ed. AGC e PIN page 16, 44



april         “Anna Fornari e il futuro degli Etruschi”  by Mary Mancinelli  n° 3 of  the Magazine of

economy art and culture “Good morning Umbria” page 15



april 10th    article on the weekly italian magazine Specchio – La Stampa by Maria Corbi:

                  “Sober but precious” page 130



december  article & photo on the magazine “Zoom argento!” ed. Macrì  page 18,21



march        article  by Monica Pioggia in the magazine   “Architectural Digest”  about the

exhibition and the competition “St. Valentine”- national review of goldsmith art in

Terni   pag.16/17


1998          “Umbria between monasticism and fortune masters”  ed. Guerra

by Luciana Di Nunzio photo pag. 115, 116, 117, 118



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