May 22, 2013

Ana Catalina Brenes CV





















03 / 10 / 1983 – San Jose, Costa Rica.

Saarbrücker Strasse 6

10405 Berlin, Germany



2007 – 2010                                                                                                Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewellery and Design,Triennale (3 years program):                                       second year with Prof. Peter Bauhuis, third year with Prof. Manfred Bischoff. Florence,Italy.

2005 – 2007                                                                                                Studio Metallo, School of Jewellery, San Jose, Costa Rica.

2002 – 2006                                                                   University of Costa Rica, Faculty of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Graphic Design.

2004 – 2006    Honor Scholarship University of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica.

2009 – 2010    Scholarship Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy.



2010                                                                                                                                         Robert Smit, Deganit Schocken, Ruudt Peters, Alchimia, Florence, Italy.

August 2009                                                                         “Wax and casting process” Peter Bauhuis, Sommer Akademie Neuburg an der Donau, Germany.

2007                                                                                     “Technic of stone setting as grains”  Hernando Duran, Modelazione cera 2, Resine, Studio Metallo.

“Introduction to Gemology”  Sigfried Kussmaul University of Costa Rica.

2006                                                                              “Mokumé Gané ”, Silvia Canda, Chiusure, Incassatura, Modelazione cera 1 , Studio Metallo. Costa Rica.

2005                                                                    “Design of Jewels”, Silvana Chiavetti, Nuovo Venuto, Apprendista 1, Intermedio, Studio Metallo, Costa Rica.


Work Experience:

2010 – July 2012                                                          Assistant Director of Galleria Antonella Villanova, contemporary art jewelry + design, Florence Italy.

2010 – present                                                                                                                 Independent jewelry maker based since August 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

Sept 2012                                                                                                 Professor at Maden Jewellery School : “Red wax castings”  Workshop.  Istanbul, Turkey.

June – July 2010                                             Professor for the intensive courses, Alchimia, School of contemporary jewellery and  design.Florence, Italy.

Feb. 2011                                                                                                              Professor and lecturer at Studio Metallo, School of jewelry. San Jose, Costa Rica.

August 2011                                                                                                                                                                             Lecturer at Universidad Creativa. Costa Rica.

2004 – 2007                                                                         Assistant to wax levels, Studio Metallo, School of Jewelery.

Languages:                                                                                            Fluent written and speaking: Spanish, English and Italian. / Basic Knowledge: German.


Group Exhibition

2013                                              Yuriko Gioielli presenta “Respiro”  di Catalina Brenes. A Fuorisalone event during Milan Design Week 2013. Milan, Italy.

2012                                                                                                                                                             “Bologna Art First”, Stand Antonella Villanova. Bologna, Italy.

“Collect 2012”, Stand Antonella Villanova, Saatchi Gallery. London, United Kingdom.

Basel Design, On site, Antonella Villanova. Basel, Switzerland.

Sieraad 2012. Solo Stand Catalina Brenes. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


2011                                           “Bologna Art First”, Stand Antonella Villanova. Bologna, Italy.

“Collect 2011”, Stand Antonella Villanova. Saatchi Gallery, London.

“Morfosis”, Catalina Brenes y Martina Pont. Alea Galeria, Barcelona, Spain.

“Bijoux & Precious Design” Auction Pierre Berge, 14 December 2011. “ Femme Fatale” necklace on auction.

“Noi” Collective group. Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. Athens, Greece.

“Respiro” Installation at Antonella Villanova. Florence, Italy.


2010                                                                                        Inhorgenta Europe 2010, stand of Alchimia School of contemporary Jewelry,  Munich, Germany.

“Graduation Show”, Antonella Villanova Gallery, Florence, Italy.

“Orecchini”, Mangold Gallery, Leipzig, Germany.

“Spring Exhibition”, Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium.

“Natura e Artifcio”  Livorno, Italy.

“Joya 2010”  FAD Barcelona, Spain.

“Grassimesse 2010” Leipzig, Germany.

“1×1 collection”   Laboratorio 28 r Florence, Italy.

“Artornamento 2010”  Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy.

“Rogo delle vanita – l’abito non fa il monaco “, Giornata del Contemporaneo, Florence, Italy

All the exhibitions and fairs done with Antonella Villanova my work was in show and I was present as  Assistant Director of the gallery since 2010.


Elle Slovenia, March 2013  “Showcase 500 Rings” 2012 – Lark Books /  Basel Design 2012 Catalog. On site Antonella Villanova /

Sieraad 2012 Catalog. Amsterdam  /  “Bijoux & Precious Design” Auction Pierre Berge, 14 December 2011 Catalog “Jewelry Design” – Natalio Martin. Barcelona / Collect Catalogs 2011 – 2012 / World One Magazine. Germany /  Art Aurea Magazine. Germany / ”Jewel Book” – Stichting Kunstboek. Belgium / Catalina Brenes at Abruzzo Magazine, Vinitaly Edition 2012. / Natura e Artificio Catalog. Italia. /  Joya 2010 Catalog. Barcelona, Spain. / Artornamento 2010 Catalog. Alternatives Gallery. Italia.

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