May 14, 2013

Alessandro Petrolati

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Alessandro Petrolati

My approach to the world of jewel is through learning what are the techniques of the Italian Goldsmith School. By applying this knowledge the experimental work captures the components of traditional handcrafts, able to provide the customers with useful elements to the reading of the work of a handmade jewel.



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The jewel can become an artistic expression, while its primary function remains that of a body adornment.

Maintaining a strong aesthetic research, in addition to art, is basically for me.

Mine wants  to be a contemporary product and research, that at the same time draws to a knowledge and know-how that may otherwise be lost.

Each component used is handmade, proving that man, increasingly replaced by machine, knows and can fix firmly on that opera that human heat and that feeling that I believe nobody ever, can imitate ….

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