May 1, 2013

In Search for the Lost Court

“In Search for the Lost Court”

exhibition by jewellery designer Guntis Lauders

and Estonian photographer Sergey Didyk

On view from 28th May to 28th August, 2010.

It’s time to party! The art gallery PUTTY celebrates it’s 10th birthday. PUTTI is the only gallery in Latvia focusing on contemporary fine art jewellery and working with the most talented Latvian jewellery designers.

Ten years ago – on May 20th, year 2000, the gallery was opened with jewellery designer’s Guntis Lauders solo show. This year, again in May, Guntis Lauders – wiser for 10 years and inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnets, invites you to his solo show “In Search for the Lost Court”.

I don’t especially try to find symbolic elements – they just come to me. During my studies in Tallinn I have absorbed many impressions from other cultures” says the artist. Back in Tallinn, Lauders met also with Sergey Didyk, at that time – advertising photographer, now – the Assistant Professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Retrospective of large scale photos will show the successful cooperation of the two artists during the period of almost 20 years.

Guntis Lauders mostly works in silver, combining it with exotic materials like ebony, mammoth ivory, corals, coconut shell, various precious and semi-precious stones. The artist likes constructing two-piece rings that give an impression of two separate rings. Using a special casting method Lauders manages to embrace the images of Shakespeare’s sonnets in the details of his jewellery pieces.

“Shoe buckles, furs, ivory sticks, rubies, emerald, roses, lilies, silk bed-sheets, lavender, velvet coats, Burgundy wines, afghan hounds, crinolines, figs, belladonna. Partridges and quails, white pea-cocks and pheasants, the fool, the headsman and the crown – already covered in dust. The courts come and go, leaving just traces in the archetypal memory. Such as jewellery pieces. Resemblances. Lost expectations and regained promises are reborn in gold and silver, in bone engravings, pearls, beryl, opal, topazes, sapphires, rubies, feasts of the courtiers and returned Time.”

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