May 1, 2013


From the 1st to the 30th of June (2012) at the Art gallery „Putti”
Personal exhibition of jewelry artist Māris Šustiņš „SPHERE”

Sphere as a two dimensional surface in three dimensional space, sphere as a airy bubble and reflection play, illusion and fantasy in the contemporary design of Latvian jewelry.

The new jewelry collection is created in the vortex of author’s inner feelings combining gained inspiration into geometry and plastics, optics and illusions. The jewelry is made from precious metals silver and gold adding smoky blue titanium and niobium, mysterious tantalum and molybdenum. Like the spring colorful accents added using rubies, grenades, sapphires, topaz and amethysts.

“You can’t escape yourself, you can only try to find and get to know yourself” – are the words of the author himself.
The jewelry is undoubtedly the right sphere for Māris Šustiņš!!

Opening of exhibition


Krējums… Saldais video from exhibition

Susan Cummins about art gallery Putti and exhibition of Maris Sustins at Art Jewelry Forum!

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