May 1, 2013

Jewelery artist’s Valdis Brože solo exhibition “Thin Thin”

from November 30, 2012 until December 8, 2012

Valdis Brože is a talented and renown contemporary jewelry artist. Bright personality and the brightness of jewelry is created by  surprising and unexpected color combinations using enamel technology. Characterized by continuous search for new forms in silver and gold.

“Thin Thin” – this time it is a play with various surfaces.  “Tense – as the surface of drums, ready to respond. Doodled – as writing covered paper, ready to give” the exhibition is philosophically explained by the author.

One plane of the jewelry reveals the volume and its belonging to the object world by allowing us to see the rings, earrings, necklaces and so on. Astonishment is to be discovered by looking at side surfaces – thin, thin, in perspective creating an endless sense of continuation. Decorative refinement in the jewelry of Valdis Brože is the bearing hinge, which at the same time gives the jewelry a kinetic vibrancy and tenacity.

Opening of exhibition

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