May 1, 2013


Painters Vija Zariņa’s miniatures exhibition WINGS.
The show will be on view from 11th December to 1st May, 2010.

Vija Zariņa is a painter and the associete professor of the painting Department at the Art Academy of Latvia. First she showed her paintings at the exhibition in the year 1980. In 1993 she opened her first solo show, but now it is time to open her first exhibition of miniatures. The exhibition WINGS presents miniature paintings featuring winged creatures – angels – on the background of rainy urban scenes or landscapes almost like out of this world.
It is not a coincidence that the exhibition takes place at the gallery PUTTI, since putti in Italian describes figures of male babies with wings, found especially in Italian Renaissance art.

Vija Zariņa’s paintings are very female and sophisticated. Allegoric images, clear and subtle colours. Beauty, tidiness and harmony.

“The guarding angels are all around us. To see them or not, to feel them or not – it is our own decision. If it is necessary – they guard us, if not – they leave us alone. There are moments when you can feel their presence. In spring when everything comes alive, in the scent of summer, in the fragile, red autumn leaves or when the first snow is slowly falling down. In these moments you can feel the peaceful and unstoppable flow of time. When we enter this world, or when we are here, or when we leave it – there is always somebody close to us silent and invisible.
I have always seen them in my imagination and felt them in my heart. So beautiful, so tranquil, so sensitive and guarding. I have painted them very visible or almost invisible. I have made them seen to everybody. Oil on wood. Miniature.
I called my first exhibition of miniatures Wings. The wings take you up and give you a wider view, you can be free and enjoy this world flying above it.”

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